Disc Breaks is a casual conversation scaling the sonic monuments in the lives of our favorite sports people.

Music is something the world has in common, whether that be the music our parents would play on long roadtrips, the reluctant afternoon piano lessons, the first CD we bought, the forgotten era of nu-metal, wishing we had learnt the guitar, and impressing your crush with mixtapes. It was having a laugh about these questions and the stories behind them that we realised there’s a lot you can learn about someone through their musical history. It provided a kind of roadmap for a person that cut through all the bullshit and left behind only that emo phase they went through in high school.

This is where Disc Breaks was born. A surreal world where your favourite sports people come to riff and reminisce, and to share the stories and sounds that shaped them. Disc Breaks is a collaboration between Albion and Thereabouts as a way to share our love of great music, great story telling and great athletes.

Please, enjoy.