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We're about giving the people what they want, and they wanted a weekly radio show covering the Contemporary Climate in the Disc Breaks Universe. So that's what we gave them. Hosts Gus and Charlie conduct in depth discussions covering the sonic monuments of sports biggest characters, discuss the current musical trendz and debate how well some of the biggest hits of decades past hold up in the modern music climate.

disc breaks radio special: the music of outskirts

This week Gus and Charlie along with Outskirts star Sami Sauri talk with James and Julian from Builders Tea about the soundtrack for Gus' most recent documentary film 'Outskirts: Route 66'.

Disc Breaks Radio EP.4

This week on Disc Breaks Radio Charlie and Gus talk conversations with US Army deputy chief of staff Jame McConville, having a go-to album, The Black Eyed Peas (again), Thai Funk (again) and when the beginning of the cycling season really starts.

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Listen to the full outskirts sound track on Spotify

Check out outskirts the film over at Thereabouts

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Disc Breaks Radio ep.3

Welcome back to the first episode of the Disc Breaks Radio Pod for 2018. A refreshed and rejuvenated Charlie and Gus cover the 2018 cycling season with some early predictions for the years biggest races, attempt to defend 'Shaggy's' iconic 'It Wasn't Me' and talk Skylar Schneider's interview, Fred Durst and Lana del Ray.

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Weekly Playlist

Xmas special episode

Feeling the xmas spirit in big ways Charlie and Gus decided to get in the studio and put out an xmas special episode. The duo cover their favourite tracks of the year as well as attempt to defend not one but THREE xmas themed tunes (you'll never believe number two). It's a big episode for a big time of year so skip your local xmas service for a sermon from the church of the people, Disc Breaks Radio.

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Spotify playlist of our fav tracks of 2017.

Crazy Frog cover of Last Christmas

Episode 2

In the second episode of Disc Breaks Radio we discuss professional cyclist Mitch Docker and his emergency set of headphones, remixes of famous TV theme tunes as well a read an excerpt from U2's biography about 'The Captain' sent to us by Tom Southam. We also attempt to defend 'The Bad Touch' by Bloodhound Gang and read some of our lovely listeners letters. Well the only listener letter we received. Check out our weekly playlists which comprise music from the show as well as what we've been listening to over the week. Leave a comment, or send us an email letting us know what you think of the show, what you wanna hear or just saying hello. Enjoy!

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Here's the second edition of our Weekly Playlist

Episode 1

In episode 1 Gus and Charlie introduce Disc Breaks radio,  discuss their interview with Tom Southam a Sports Director at EF Education first - Cannondale p/b Drapac cycling team as well as, in their first "Disc Breaks in Defense Of" segment, debate whether or not 'The Thong Song' still stands up nearly twenty years after its release. Leave a comment, or send us an email letting us know what you think of the show, what you wanna hear or just saying hello. Enjoy!