Adam De Vos - Rally Cycling


ADAM De Vos of Rally Cycling has recorded a christmas ensemble album with him on flamenco guitar. Need we say more?

When were you born and where did you grow up?

ADAM: 1993 in Victoria BC Canada and been here ever since

What is your Current City?

ADAM: Victoria BC Canada when I'm actually home which is increasingly rare.

You spend a large part of your life on the road travelling,  it’s no doubt influenced you, how does that extend to music? Do you pick up music from different cities and cultures when you visit?

ADAM: No, not really unfortunately. In Austria at the end of this season after a race we went out to dinner with a few guys we were racing against from the Austrian teams. One of the guys was really into music and recommended a lot of Austrian punk rock bands, can’t say I ever checked out the recommendations though.

You never listened? But what if one of those bands played the perfect song, a song that was like being on heroin and coming down off it at the same time, the full gamut of emotions? You’ll go on the rest of your life, day in day out, week in week out, month in month out never experiencing that. Every time someone asks you what your favourite song is you’ll never be able to give an honest answer, because you can’t completely rule out the possibility that one of those songs played by one of those Austrian punks bands you never listened to isn’t actually your favourite songs. Sounds a little far fetched, but is it?

ADAM: Hmmm, I think I'm safe. I see his Instagram stories from shows and stuff sometimes, not my cup of tea. 

What was the last race you were at? What music did were listening to to get you through the transfers and travel?

ADAM: The last race trip was Alberta followed by a block of European racing. At Alberta I was rooming with Danny Pate, he's easy going and seems to like the same stuff I do. I think we were listening to a lot of A$AP Rocky and the Lil Uzi Vert album Luv is Rage 2 which came out shortly before. In Europe I was rooming with with Colin, we were bumping Young Thug's Beautiful Thugger Girls album, the voice of Millie Go Lightly in the song 'Family Don't Matter' is just so good so we played that a lot. One day on that trip there was a new Gucci Mane song with the Weeknd called Curve that came out, Colin wanted to hear it so we were riding  up and down this bike path each with one of my earbuds in listening to this song almost crashing every time there was a turn. It was a good funny memory from the trip.

What music do you remember growing up around? Who was the first person to get you into music?

ADAM: Growing up my dad was into classical music so I would hear what he was listening to I guess, he took me to some operas and a performance of Carmina Burana. I also vividly remember my best friends mom who was a Mean Girls type "cool mom" would always have Shaggy "It wasn't me" on. We would be in his room playing Starfox on N64 and it would ALWAYS be on. As a 9 year old I was kind of aware the lyrics were super inappropriate but the song was catchy so I was into it. In Da Club was also an iconic song from my childhood.

My brother is probably the one that got me into music. I remember he took out 2Pac "All Eyez on Me" from the public library and we would listen to it.

What is the first song you remember liking?

ADAM: Vertigo by U2

Did you play a music instrument as a kid?

ADAM: I played guitar for 5+ years, classical and flamenco. I was in an ensemble too, we recorded a Christmas album so I'll probably start bumping that in the next few weeks.

Hahahaha “probably start bumping that.” I’m laughing hard imagining you in a pair of Air Jordans on a street corner pushing an ensembal Christmas album, telling people that’s you doing the Flamenco solo piece on track 5. Seriously though, that is amazing, where can I catch the Xmas drop? JB Hi Fi? I need to hear this. Did you listen to a lot of the same type of music you were playing at the time?

ADAM: I should probably get it on Spotify. If Mariah Carey Christmas songs can top the chart every year surely so can the Victoria Youth Guitar Ensemble can at least crack the top 100. Yea one of my baroque sheet music books came with a CD, I loved it. 

If you could go back and learn a musical instrument, which would it be and why?

ADAM: I wish I had not stopped playing guitar, I'd like to relearn that. Or I'd like to learn how to make beats on a computer.

What sort of music would you make?

ADAM: Just like rap beats, I think that would be cool. People saying oh that songs only popular because of the beat... I mean yeah of course, someone talented made it, it didn't just appear out of thin air. What is any music without the instruments? 

How have your musical tastes changed and developed over the years since you were a kid? Did you ever get into any scene’s or the like?

ADAM: Yes, for sure. I think the first stuff I heard or started off listening to like Nirvana and Metalica and Green Day just because I that's all I was aware of. Then I think I was in a heavy 50 Cent phase, around the time my brother was listening to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kanye, 2Pac. After that my best friend who was really musical and talented and playing a few different instruments got into house and electronic music, he started making his own house tracks. So I would be at his house almost everyday and he'd be making songs on his computer and would be like "ok what sounds better this, or this??". So that put me into a house/trance/hardstyle type phase. After that I went a few years where I didn't listen to any music at all. Then got back into listen to just kinda whatever pop was on radio which lead to seeking out what I like and finding my own music on Spotify.

And where are you at now? What sort of music are you mainly listening to?

ADAM: Rap, more melodic type of rap aka mumble rap, so like Young Thug or Lil Uzi Vert. Some som RnB like the Weeknd or Bryson Tiller. 

What was the first album you bought with your own money?

ADAM: The first I bought was Kanye West "The College Dropout" for my brother, because he wanted it for Christmas. The first I bought for myself was U2 "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, because the song "Vertigo" was such a banger. I think those albums came out the same year.

What was the first gig / concert you remember going to?

ADAM: My dad would take me to see operas frequently when I was young, I think maybe Madama Butterfly was the first one. Does that count?

Do you remember enjoying it at the time? That’s pretty sophisticated music to be getting your head around as a young kid.

ADAM: No pretty certain I hated going. Reading subtitles for a few hours is tedious.

What's the best gig / concert you've been to?

ADAM: The Weeknd with 6lack, Belly and Rae Sremmurd this year. My friend and I originally didn't have any plans to go, then I was in the airport on my way home from Gila talking to him on the phone. The concert was the next day and I said lets just find some tickets and go. So we got some on Craigslist and drove over to Vancouver the next day (which is 6 hrs or so) and it was great. It doesn't sound very impressive but for me it was spontaneous.

Disc Breaks: Who’s musical taste do you really admire?

ADAM: Probably our director Pat, he's a big Future and Young Thug fan and maybe the only 35+ guy (besides Danny Pate) I know that's into that. It's hilarious when you go by the car on a training ride or something and you hear him bumping DS2 in there by himself.

That is a funny image. It somehow makes it feel more lonely because of that song.

ADAM: That's an album, but yeah. 

Haha burned. Is there anyone you’ve been on the road with who has had just brutal taste in music and you’ve been forced to suffer through it?

ADAM: I wouldn't say any ones taste is brutal, it just doesn't necessarily match with my own. Evan Huffman's taste is pretty far off mine. It's some pretty heavy metal type scream rock type stuff, I think he'd be shaking his head at the way I'm describing it but that's what it sounds like to me. He always uses headphones so that's nice of him.

Considerate guy. Did you ever make playlists when you were younger as ‘psych up’ material for competition? Do you remember any tracks from those?

ADAM: I don't think I ever made a playlist I probably just listened to the album "Watch the Throne"

What song would you listen to put you in the right place for a race?

ADAM: If I just need to rage and get some energy probably Don't Like.1 which is a G.O.O.D. Music remix of Chief Keef "I Don't Like". Or if I'm feeling slightly less agro then Travis Scot ft Young Thug "Yeah Yeah" or "Monster" by Kanye West ft JAY Z Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver or The Game ft Lil Wayne and Tyler the Creator "Martians vs Goblins"

What about out training?

ADAM: At this moment my go to's would be 88glam ft NAV "Bali" (or the whole 88glam self titled album), SAINt JHN "3 Below", Pi'erre Bourne ft Playboi Carti "Yo Pi'erre", Travis Scott "Coordinate" and 2 Chainz "I'm Different"

What is the atmosphere usually like on the bus pre-race? Is everybody doing their own thing listening to their own stuff or is there a more communal atmosphere?

ADAM: A lot of the time everyone is just rushing around getting ready, putting on sunscreen, figuring out the radios, and making fun of me for how much chamois cream I'm using, doing that kinda stuff. I don't think we have an AUX on the bus to plug in but sometimes Pat, our director, will bring out his bluetooth speaker and usually put on some future or something. Before the last stage of Alberta this year he put on "Party Pack", I think someone was like "what's a party pack" and we’re like just wait he's going to tell you. it's more fun with the music and just brings the stress down a bit.

What is a party pack? And how much chamois creme do you use? Like two tubs per day?

ADAM: I use a lot while racing, like maybe a tube every 5 days. Every Christmas before I was on a pro team with unlimited chamois cream access my mum would get me like 4 tubes for Christmas.

Ha your going to have to have a listen to the song.

What about post stage?

ADAM: Post stage everyone is usually just wrecked and eating so not usually listening to music right away, then once were driving back to the hotel every ones got headphones in. If there's a long post race drive and I'm lucky enough to score the bed in the back I like to put on some Banks, or 6lack and fall asleep.

Have you ever had a ‘victory’ song or a track you associate with any performance, good or bad?

ADAM: After I lost the GC lead on the last day of Joe Martin this year, we were driving to dinner and everyone was a bit down. I just put on Big Sean "Bounce Back" even though I don't particularily like the song, I was like, ok this is making me feel a bit better.

Have you ever worn your ipod during a race?

ADAM: nope, sounds dangerous.

What song do you play to get things started when you’re throwing a party?

ADAM: Maybe Miguel and Travis Scott "Sky Walker" it' super poppy and just about having fun. Plus I think Travis Scott low key kills his verse.

Does musical taste influence how well you’re going to get along with someone?

ADAM: I don't think it does but then again many of the people I get along with or who are my friends have the same or similar taste. So I'm not sure if that's causation or correlation?

Interesting point, I’ll get my sociology professor onto that. What’s a song that if someone played would instantly make you friends?

ADAM: Probably if someone played something I hadn't ever heard before, but really dug, I'd be like "damn what else you got? lets be friends"

And inversely song that would instantly turn you off someone?

ADAM: I really dislike if someone hears something you are listening to and just instantly says something like "this is trash" so I try not to judge peoples taste in music or judge them because of it. But some hardcore death metal is probably furthest from my own taste. Or the song "Gucci Gang" I would brake my own rule and call that trash.

Have you ever played a song or pretended to know a song to impress someone?

ADAM: Don't think so, normally it goes more like... Rob Britton will play some classic rock and ask me who the artist is in order to roast me. Sometimes I get it but if I don't it doesn't bother me.

A song you’re embarrassed to admit you like, but listen to often?

ADAM: Maybe Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson

Oh hell yeah, and the The Weeknd’s cover version? 

ADAM: Yes, both good!

One day you’re gonna have to put together a highlights reel of your career. How does it play out and which songs are you going to score it with?

ADAM: Starboy by the Weeknd. I think that song would work well.

What’s the best way to listen to music?

ADAM: On a long ride, I love riding out in the countryside where no one is around and just yelling out the lyrics at the top of my lungs and raging to the song. I'll go by someone on the side of the road and be embarrassed for a second then just think "what ever, I will probably never see that person again". Or else watching the music video if it's a good one, The Weeknd's "False Alarm" music video is a good one to watch.

Have you ever come across one of those people on the side of the road again?

ADAM: Who knows to be honest, it happens like 3 times a week so maybe.

If you were colonising Mars and could only take one album, what would it be?

ADAM: I guess I would bring along The Weeknd's "Beauty Behind the Madness", but if I was colonizing Mars you would think I would have the technology to have access to every song ever made?

That’s exactly what I said, and you would think they would right. But apparently NASA ain’t got a Spotify subscription.

ADAM: No budget left for the premium subscription I suppose.

Angus Morton