Known as the joker in the bunch JOE LEWIS talks catching his childhood heros, The Wiggles, smoking, The Daria theme song and playing Blink 182 on the piano. 

Disc Breaks: Were your parents into music? What taste did they have?

JOE: Yeah, dad would always turn music with a nice female vocal up when it came onto the radio. Mum figured out how to download music about the same time I did and polluted desktop I tunes with the corrs and other stuff I didn't much like at the time.

Disc Breaks: Did any of their musical taste rub off on you? Or did it influence you in that it turned you off certain types of music? The Corrs are pretty hurting.

JOE:Nah. Not anymore than like, I don't like a lot of older music. I feel like it's pretty common to have different musical tastes to your parents

Disc Breaks: Did you play a music instrument as a kid?

JOE: Piano, did it for 7 years then alto saxophone for 3. Piano I kept going with because I'd done it for so long but I really didn't enjoy it. Finally I quit because I got sick of my music teacher. Alto sax was just kinda cool for a while but I wasn't motivated enough to practice. The only thing I can play now is 'all the small things' by blink 182

Disc Breaks: All the small things on Sax or Piano? That would be a weird vibe on the Sax. 7 years on piano is impressive, do you regret letting go of it with the power of hindsight or are you happy if you never look at a piano again? Did you study your levels, or grades or whatever the ranking system for piano is called or just learn tunes?

JOE: Piano, sax would've been harder. I don't really regret letting it go, I only kept going as long as I did because I'd already invested so much time but I really didn't like it much at all. Studied my grades, scales and did tests

Disc Breaks: What is the first song you remember liking?

JOE: Mm bop by Hanson, but I didn't tell anyone at school because they were considered a 'girls' band. They had long hair so in Gloucester when I was 13 that made them girls, and gay girls to boot. Long hair means you are a girl.

Disc Breaks: Regrettably I thought they were a girls only band as well, and so I hated them. I can totally understand keeping that under wraps in Gloucester, it was the same where I grew up. Was musical taste an important factor in playground hierarchy for you at school or on a team as a junior for that matter?

JOE: Not so much as an adult, in year 6 I was told that if I didn't like limp bizkit at high school I'd get beaten up so I made an effort to like those guys

Disc Breaks: What is the song that defined your taste as an 11 year old?

JOE: Man. I dunno, some advertisement jingle or the Daria theme song

Disc Breaks: Daria was an important cartoon for Australian kids, I’m guessing most western kids actually. Surely there was some sort of music you were into beyond an advertisement and a theme song?

JOE: Dude I honestly couldn't tell you, my iTunes library goes back to when I was 15 and before that I can't remember anything particular

Disc Breaks: And as a 21 year old?

JOE: That was when I was transitioning from blink 182 back to electronic music, probably better off alone by Alice Dj. I was a little late to that party

Disc Breaks: That song is like a really bad version of Sandstorm, but the video clip is amazing, what the fuck is going on in that? Yoga Dancing? So weird.

JOE: Oh yeah, there's a couple like that. I think they just did a bunch of gear so it seemed way cooler that it looks sober

Disc Breaks: How about now?

JOE: Dude, any electronic pop song. Some of Britney's new stuff. Selena Gomez 'naturally' or the NPR politics podcast.

Disc Breaks: I must admit this musical progression, or what ever going from advertising jingles to bad Sandstorm to Selena Gomez can be called, surprises me for someone who has ten years of playing music under their belt. You mentioned Blink 182, did you go through a pop-punk stage or any other stages in between?  

JOE: I went from blink 182 to a more heavy metal phase, static x, rammstein, korn. I think I progressed to electronic through a 'freak on a leash' remix.

Disc Breaks: Have you ever played a song to impress someone? If so, what was it?

JOE: Erasure, a little respect. I can hit every note in that song and have practiced a bunch. I always put it on when I'm in a car with people and we’re like, playing music and singing along. I do the ol, I've got a song and belt it out. Stuns them every time. Still to do it at karaoke though

Disc Breaks: Man, you singing that verbatim would definitely stun me. And the fact that you picked and then practiced that song of all songs to be the one that you use to impress people, why on earth that one? What sort of situations have you pulled this out at? With a girl? Or at team training camp when you’re the new guy?

JOE: In the car on transfers, gotta be with the right guys though. TJ is a good one for singalongs. I just heard it one time and loved it so played it until I knew the words. Definitely sang it with my wife in the car.

Disc Breaks: What was the first album you bought with your own money?

JOE: Enema of the state - blink 182.

Disc Breaks: How old were you and who put you on to Blink 182? A side note, Did you ever listen to the live version of this album? The Tom Mark and Travis show? I thought that was the funniest shit.

JOE: I think just all the small things on the radio, I used to wait and record songs when they would come on Max fm. I loved all the small things so I bought the album. And yeah I loved the live one, bought it too and listened to it at my friends place that were allowed to watch m rated movies. You know the one friend you've got whose parents don't care if you swear or whatever

Disc Breaks: What was the first gig / concert you remember going to?

JOE: The wiggles. I think I can remember it, I'm not sure. I have seen home video but I think I have original memories, hard to know.

Disc Breaks: That would have been probably before they blew up. Was it in the Gloucester RSL? I saw them in the YMCA in Port Macquarie when I was 4 I think, hardly anyone there and we just sat on the floor in front of them, at least I think that happened.

I was at a music festival like, I guess, 20 years later and this dude came out of nowhere and handed me a bunch of drink tickets and was like “I’m outta here so you guys have these” I looked at him to say thank you and it was the yellow Wiggle, he nodded acknowledging that he was who I thought he was and then we chatted for a bit about music. He was super cool and knew a lot more about the bands playing than I did. It was a very bizarre moment though, being drunk chatting with the icon for the innocence of youth, whilst he got me more drunk. I think it was a metaphor for life. You got any stories like that where you’ve met a childhood hero and they’re way different to what you expected?

JOE: Yeah it was at the gloucester RSL, dude we had George the red wiggle or whatever his name was come to My primary school. I saw him around the back Of the auditorium after his show smoking and I realized my entire childhood was a lie.

Disc Breaks: What's the best gig / concert you've been to?

JOE: Probably camera obscura in Central Park, i went to see the Zoey deschanel band with an ex gf but the opener was way better. Zoey deschanel' band sucks ass. She was way better in new girl and that's pretty much it.

Disc Breaks: It’s a shame when that happens cause you always save a little gas for the main act and then you realise you should have spent that on the opener. Its like missing a split in a race because you were saving energy for the finish. What were you doing in New York with your then girlfriend? In my experience its rare to get time out around a race however when you’ve traveled to race have you ever got to see a show or enjoy a place beyond the hotel?

JOE: We were just being tourists, she was Aussie and had come over for a couple weeks. Mid season break so no bike thankfully. I Havent gotten to see a show at a race but I'm hoping we might get tickets to this concert around Colorado classic, would be sick to check that out after the race.

Disc Breaks: If you could be incredible at playing a musical instrument, which would it be and why?

JOE: Guitar is a pretty safe bet. But if I could combo that with singing it would be a knockout.

Disc Breaks: What sort of music would you play and sing? Would you want to be a solo act or have a band behind you?

JOE: It'd depend, probably solo to start and maybe collaborate with people. I've never worked well creatively in groups so might have some issues in a 'band'.

Disc Breaks: Who's the teammate with the worst musical taste that you've roomed with and had to endure?

JOE: Any of the guys from the southeast. I hate country music, it's so dull and depressing.

Disc Breaks:  Have you ever been stuck rooming with any of those guys and just had to endure it? Is there a big divide on the team with musical taste? Does anyone on the team play a musical instrument and bring it along to team camp or anything and serenade the team?

JOE: Yeah, ty is a badass guitarist and can sing. He plays all sorts of stuff. Not a huge divide, the only teammate constantly playing music is reuben with his reggaton, otherwise everyone just listens to headphones

Disc Breaks: How about the teammate with the best music taste?

JOE: TJ has pretty similar musical taste, he's always got something I want to Shazam. Reuben is interesting as well for something with a little Latin flair but man, he has some reggaton going from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. Hilarious thing is he always shares with Andrei, who likes Russian rap.

Disc Breaks: What sort of gems have you picked up from Tj? You have a couple of teammates from eastern Europe, do they rub off on you at all? Have you picked up any of their music or other interests?

JOE: I think I heard 'thinking of Omara- nightmares on wax' from TJ's iPod. Nah, nothing from Eastern Europe.

Disc Breaks: What song would you listen to to get pumped for a big stage / race?

JOE: I used to have a pump up playlist on my phone but that was a couple phones ago. Battlefield- Jordan sparks, Bimbo Jones remix. It's a fist pumper for sure but I always mistime the drop and look dumb when I play it on the bus

Disc Breaks: Thats a shame you lost that phone, can you remember any tracks from the phone playlist? I think the fastest songs to age are the ones you put on your psych up playlists so I always love listening to old playlists with names like “2010 Time Trial playlist” now and wondering what I was thinking. I can see how the Jordan Sparks track would get you in the mood, It could also just down right make you angry. You said you play it on the bus, do the boys from the southeast or anywhere else protest when you take the iPod jack or are you all on the same page when it comes to psych up music?

JOE: I think I've got it on my computer, I'll Have a look when I get home. Mostly pop remixes and other sick trax. Love story- dirty dog remix. Operation blade etc

Disc Breaks: Who takes control of the music on the bus and what do they play?

JOE: Nobody normally, but if is anyone probably Brian our swannie. He plays 'pursuit of happiness', that kid cudi song but it's the remix from project x, the movie where that kid throws an out of control party and burns down his parents house. That. On repeat.

Disc Breaks: Except when you play the Bimbo Jones remix of Jordan Sparks and mistime the drop.

JOE: Every time dude

Disc Breaks: Have you ever had a ‘victory’ song or any tracks you associate with any victories throughout your career?

JOE:  Haven’t won that much... hoping to have a better answer in a couple months.

Disc Breaks: Have you ever worn your ipod during a race?

JOE: No, I did rig it up in the tail of a tt helmet once but someone told me I'd get dq'd if I got found out and I wussed out. Almost missed the start taking it out of my helmet

Disc Breaks: What song would you put on to get the party started?

JOE: The Macarena

Disc Breaks: Bullshit you do. I thought there was no way anyone except parents at their kids 18th birthday party put that song on to get a party started and even then it’s with irony. Have you ever actually done that and has it worked?

JOE: Dude yeah man, house party. Someone has shit rap droning on, everyone's had a few drinks and the macarena comes on! Are you kidding? That shit will get the party going.

Disc Breaks: Which song would you choose to soundtrack the highlights reel of your career?

JOE: X gon give it to ya- dmx

Disc Breaks: I love DMX, how could you not love the person who self professed “I don’t rhyme I just stomp down beats.” I can definitely see a career highlights playing out to this, there's kinda a good message in that song too. Sort of.

JOE: Yeah sorta, I just think it's a sick song

Disc Breaks: A song that if someone played would instantly make you attracted to them?

JOE: Something obscure because I'm super interesting so if they played the same song it's fate. That or anything my wife puts on while we're cooking

Disc Breaks: Is ‘Something obscure’ the name of a song, or do you just mean some randomly obscure song that you’ll probably know because you’re so interesting? What song would that be? Does your wife play similar music every time you’re cooking or is it something about cooking and music at the same time that gives a song an attractive power? What’s a song she’d play as an example?

JOE: I couldn't think of a good  answer so I Made it kinda ambiguous. Getting surgery fatigue at this point so my answers are getting lazy. We listen to podcasts of the news or this American Life usually

Disc Breaks: A song that if someone played would instantly turn you off them immediately?

JOE: It would depend whether they actually liked it or if they put it on satirically: without me- Eminem.

Disc Breaks: Definitely.

JOE: Yep

Disc Breaks: What’s a song you listen to that you’re embarrassed to let others know you listen to?

JOE: Just a little bit- Gina G

Disc Breaks: This is definitely a better ironic party starter than the Macarena. You should try this next time.  

JOE: People don't know this song as well And there isn't a set dance, agree to Disagree.

Disc Breaks: What song was / would be your first dance at your wedding?

JOE: Fuck. I dunno. The Zumba dance. Not sure I had any music at my wedding but that'll do.

Disc Breaks: I’m glad there was no music at your wedding if that’s the case.

Disc Breaks: If you were colonising Mars and could only take one album, what would it be?

JOE: Chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water - Limp Bizkit

Disc Breaks: Why this album? You’d really be happy for this album to bare your legacy on Mars?

JOE: Last question so wanted to be done, wrote down the first thing I could think of. This question would take Much more of a time investment to answer properly and I've finished shitting so want to get off the toilet

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